9 September 1986
Snow Net

Snow Net

Avalanche barriers resembles structurally and formally to the barriers which are used in rock falls. They are flexible and metal barriers that prevents the avalanche danger before it happens.The steel nets that are held by angle braces are fixed to the base with fixity anchorages.

The fixed braces are supported with rope anchorages. The braces are erected on the main points to minimize the pressure that is caused by snow cover and to be compatible to the slope. These barriers should preferably be erected on the rocky slopes and avalanche starting points. The flexible forms of the barriers make it possible to catch the rocks that falls down with low energy. Avalanche barriers are present in every size and of snow carriage capacity which is related to the conditions of the area.

These barriers are frequently used in European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and in Russia where mountainous areas are present and avalanche risks can be seen. In our country, they are mainly used in various provinces of Eastern Anatolia Region. They are constructed on the required points of the ways and they can collect the snows that come out as a result of snowstorms and wind. So, the road can be kept open and it helps to retrench in road maintenance work costs.

Our firm is used the barriers that are designed, tested and certified to the standars of WSL- Switzerland Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and having the most developed standards and applications in this field.

  • Snow Net
  • Snow Net
  • Snow Net
  • Snow Net
  • Snow Net
  • Snow Net

A) OMBRELLO (Umbrella)

OMBRELLO Avalanche is a lightweight steel structure designed for the stabilization of snow cover and the prevention of avalanches. This structure can be installed as a self-standing structure or in rows, according to the width of the corridor in need of protection. It is attached to the ground by means of one single anchor. The structure is available in 2 different versions, L30 et L35, to retain snow heights of 3.00m and 3.50m respectively.

  • Be attached to the slope by means of one single anchor.
  • Installation is speedy and inexpensive.
  • Can be opened in 3 minutes.
  • Lighweight and when assembled the structure can be transported by helicopter,
  • Delivered fully equipped and folded.
  • Very little ground space is required when it is opened out.

It is used for years and its performance is observed every year and made ready in terms of needed standards.

B) Steel Bridge and Snow Barriers

Our steel bridges are suited to be installed at the start of avalanche paths for containment of a snow cover. The barriers are made out of CORTEN® type weathering resistant standard or galvanized steel. Steel bridges and snow barriers are in contact with the snow cover. Vertical cross beams in the case of the steel bridge and horizontal cross-beams in the case of the snow barriers. Steel bridges and snow barriers are installed following a contour line, preventing slow movements of snow (snow creeping) across the entire height of snow cover.

  • These barriers are designed to be installed on slopes from 70 to 120% and are perfectly suited for installation in loose soil.
  • Assembly is flexible allowing for a cost saving installation. They can be pre-assembled and lifted one module at a time by helicopter to the mountain site. Moreover, thanks to telescopic struts, the structure can be adapted to the nature of the slope.
  • Our snow barriers are suitable for snow heights ranging from 2 to 5 m.

C) Snow Fences

The snow fence is a flexible and lightweight structure consisting of a fully weatherproof and UV resistant patented net and steel-braced reinforcement system attaching the fence to the ground. Snow blown by wind can cause drifting which upsets road traffic. The flexible snow fences are placed perpendicularly in relation with the wind upwind from the infrastructures needing to be protected.

At the end of the winter, the fences can be taken down and stored away until the next winter season. The snow fence is available in two different heights: 100 cm and 150 cm.

Application examples:

  • Protection of roads and railway lines
  • Protection of ski slopes
  • Managing snow coverage of ski slopes (snow storage)
  • Snow Fences
  • Snow Fences

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